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RockOnAV is the ultimate destination for audio and video enthusiasts. After renovating my house to accommodate a home theater, I needed the right components for the new space. My online search was often frustrating due to limited stock and availability across various sites. However, a friend recommended a new shop in Irvine that recently opened.
To my delight, RockOnAV provided everything I needed for my home theater. Their exceptional service included not only delivering the equipment but also assisting with the setup. Russell and his team were invaluable, significantly reducing the time and effort required to complete my home theater. RockOnAV truly has it all and provides outstanding service.

Deandre Jones
Newport Beach, CA

I recently acquired my Focal Utopia headphones from RockOnAV, a new player in Orange County's audio scene. This shop allows customers to touch, feel, and listen to equipment firsthand, providing an invaluable in-person experience.
RockOnAV caters to audiophiles with a comprehensive selection of rare and exotic audio and video equipment. For those seeking exceptional and unique items, RockOnAV is the premier destination.

Jay Lin Lee
Yorba Linda, CA

This place rocks! I was searching for a specific CD player, the Hegel Viking, to add to my home audio system. Finding this item typically necessitates placing a special order or purchasing it online. A fellow audiophile mentioned Rock on AV, a new shop that recently opened in Orange County. Despite living in San Diego, I decided to call the shop, and to my surprise, they had the unit in stock.
I immediately drove to Irvine to check out the place, and it truly is an audiophile’s paradise. I got my CD player, and the staff there were exceptional. Russell, in particular, was incredibly helpful. Kudos to the team at Rock on AV. If there’s a place to be for audio enthusiasts, it's Rock on AV!

Alex Escalante
La Jolla, CA

As an audiophile, I always strive to find the best equipment to meet my needs. However, these items are often difficult to find or require special orders. Despite living in Irvine for 25 years, I had yet to find a place that could fulfill my needs—until a friend recommended a newly opened shop nearby.
RockOnAV is not just an ordinary shop; it carries all the audio equipment an enthusiast like me could want, and it's conveniently located in my city. The staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Although they didn't have my desired music streamer in stock during my visit, they promptly arranged a special order. Russell even went the extra mile by delivering it to my home. RockOnAV is outstanding, and I look forward to returning!

Michael Pakv
Irvine, CA

I was looking for an Aurender dealer in Southern California and discovered a new shop in Orange County called Rock On AV, conveniently close to where I live. Upon visiting, I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide selection of audio brands that are not typically available at local electronics stores. The salespeople were friendly and knowledgeable, and I was able to special order my Aurender N30SA music server. For future needs, Rock On AV will undoubtedly be my go-to audio shop.

Lawrence Choi
Huntington Beach, CA
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